Developing algorithms and personalised scoring systems

Whether the issue is concepts of risk, sales performance, customer loyalty or process optimisation, creating scores and algorithms is essential for your business development. Fortunately, it’s also the quintessence of Altares’ know-how.

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of companies say that their no. 1 priority is real-time data analysis


of companies want to explore data as a priority


the increase in investments in cognitive computing in 2017 compared with 2016

What is data science?

Data science opens up a world of possibilities. Its intrinsically exploratory model provides a degree of freedom of movement that goes beyond boundaries, unlike a data management model, which is “in production”.

When we talk about data science, we’re obviously talking about algorithms, analysis and all the disciplines that can be used to transform a large mass of raw data into decision-making tools the business can use immediately.

It also provides the opportunity for either a “tailor-made” approach, to address a specific, complex problem, or a catalogue solution to respond to more common scenarios.

Why data science?

  • To determine the best set of data
  • To design models
  • To help you detect risk factors or opportunities
  • To find pertinent sources of data based on technological intelligence
  • To offer the right recommendations to improve your information systems
  • To design exclusive data warehouses or data lakes

Data science at Altares

What do our data scientists do?

Their job is to get data talking. Once they have explored, collected and structured data from sometimes diverse sources, data scientists analyse them to produce concrete indicators and decision-making tools designed to fit the problems you face.

The areas covered range from banking, finance and insurance to marketing and sales development, among others.

Thanks to constant technological intelligence, our data scientists operate as professionals specialising in analysing and processing data and providing detailed feedback to support your strategy and the operational issues you face. Their field of activities includes roles such as data miner, data analyst and database expert. All these skills come together to summarise and translate your unstructured information into high added-value data.

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