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The role of the AFDCC (the professional association for Credit Managers) is to develop the Credit Manager role. It aims to develop the skills and improve the practices of people who work in businesses’ credit departments.


The Conseil National des Achats helps buyers compare their purchasing practices with those of their colleagues.


The sales directors’ association “Dirigeants Commerciaux de France” aims to improve the business’s commercial development and results, performance culture and competitiveness, through sharing best practices, conferences and trade shows.


The DFCG (Association Nationale des Directeurs Financiers et de Contrôle de Gestion) is an association whose members are directors and finance managers of private businesses or public institutions.


The Direction de l’Information Légale et Administrative is a central administration department providing services to the Prime Minister’s office, under the authority of the French government’s secretary general. It is responsible for statutory dissemination, publications and administrative information along similar lines to the French national statistics office, INSEE.


The customs authority is a tax and security institution, responsible (among other things) for collecting the duties and taxes due when goods enter national territory, as well as monitoring the territory and undertaking numerous security missions.


Febis (Federation of Business Information Service)

In 1973, most of Credit information agencies united themselves and created the FEBIS. Today, FEBIS has become a major entity, with over 60 members in the world. They provide commercial and recovery information, on national and global scales.

As an association, FEBIS is protecting common interests of its members, and look after new laws as Data protection or insolvency.


The Fédération Nationale de l’Information d’Entreprise, de la Gestion des Créances et de l’Enquête Civile is a professional organisation representing businesses of all sizes and types.


Infogreffe is the organisation responsible for publishing official, statutory information about businesses. It includes the Trade and Companies Register.


The Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle is a public administrative body in the field of industrial property. It works in conjunction with the French Ministry of the Economy, Industry and the Digital Sector. In detail, the INPI’s missions are to:

  • Receive applications and deal with the registration of industrial property rights such as patents, trademarks, designs and models
  • Contribute to the creation of industrial property law
  • Provide training and awareness-raising to economic actors about industrial property-related issues
  • Hold the national Trade and Companies Register


The Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) is part of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance. Its role is to collect, analyse and distribute information about the economy and French society throughout its territory.


The Ministry of the Economy and Finance is the ministerial department responsible for managing the public finances and France’s economic policy. The Ministry’s main departments are the Budget, Public Finances (DGFiP) and Treasury departments, the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE), the Customs department and the General Inspectorate of Finance.

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