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Guarantee the reliability of your customer/supplier database with up-to-date, properly structured data directly in your SAP© environment.

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Become a DunTrade® program partner, and access your partners’ payment experiences. Secure your credit decisions with a rich database of more than 175 million payment experiences, accessible from the PPI platform.

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Take exclusive advantage of information and analyses of over 280 million businesses worldwide. Verify the financial situation of your customers and suppliers and protect yourself from the risks of fragility or payment difficulties.

#risk management #know your partners #international development

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From simple KYC/KYV to screening sanctions lists and identifying ultimate beneficial owners, simplify and speed up your compliance processes.

#compliance #know your partners #regulatory requirements

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Improve the reliability of your analyses and speed up your decision-making by enhancing your systems with key D&B data.

#risk management #cost management #sales performance

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Access reliable, real-time information about all businesses, directors and sectors in over 220 countries.

#risk management #cost management #sales performance

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Make the right credit authorisation and investment decisions quickly and reduce your DSO in France.

#risk management #cost management #sales performance

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Create, analyse and export your BtoB segments via an online platform or on your smartphone.

#sales dynamics #know your prospects #sales performance

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Enhance your Salesforce and Dynamic CRM with D&B data.

#sales performance #data reliability

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Evaluate risks and opportunities by accessing detailed analyses of the commercial, economic and political environment of 132 countries.

#risk management #international development

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Create, enriched, target and export your BtoB files with Altares data

#sales performance #know your customer / supplier

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