Boost the ROI of your commercial transactions with our

File count & delivery service

comptage et livraison de fichiers

Altares meets the needs of businesses looking to acquire other firms

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Generate qualified leads

Increase conversion rates

Guarantee the profitability of your canvassing activities

Together, we analyse the potential of your market, working with you to define the most appropriate segmentation criteria for your target profile, to create a list of businesses that will be pivotal to your prospective customer file.

Then decide on the data enhancements that will help drive your campaigns: financial relationships for cross-selling, number of sites where your solution will be implemented, etc.

Next, we put your selected contacts through our RNVP process (Restructuring, Standardisation and Postal Validation), which significantly reduces the costs associated with wrongly addressed mail.

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Filter your target by delinquency score : your prospective customer file contains only viable businesses.

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Find out how to exploit files to respond to your business needs

Sales & Marketing

Find out how to exploit files to respond to your business needs

  • Determine the characteristics of the market with the highest potential for marketing your products and services.
  • Address the right targets in your direct marketing campaigns.
  • Design the most relevant offers (cross-selling or up-selling) to respond to each market segment.
  • Improve the reliability of your communications campaigns to prospective customers and reduce the costs associated with wrongly addressed mail.
  • Improve the effectiveness of your sales call campaigns.
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Run specific counts and target new business niches with an exhaustive catalogue of data based on all kinds of indicators

  • Analyse the best geographical areas for establishing branches with the highest potential.
  • Define the strategic data that will be useful for your risk management, lending or subscription policies.
  • Use the wealth of data in the Altares catalogue to strengthen your BtoB canvassing activities.
  • Address your financial services products to the most appropriate targets.
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Institutional partners

The reliability of your third-party databases is crucial for ensuring your processes are effective

  • Produce an exhaustive analysis of the economic situation of a specific location or region
  • Create a ranking of the highest-performing businesses in a sector, in a specific economic area.
  • Improve the reliability of information campaigns aimed at local stakeholders and reduce the costs associated with wrongly addressed mail.
  • Get a clean (duplicates removed) and standardised database (RNVP processing: Restructuring, Standardisation and Postal Validation).
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Altares files have access to a catalogue of customisable data

Optimise your activities with Altares BtoB file processing and delivery solutions

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