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Dramatically improve your understanding of your partners to optimise your development

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Strategy management

Enhancement with Altares data

Creation of customised profiles

Rational decision-making

How does it work?

You provide us with the portfolio of SIREN or SIRET numbers of businesses for which you want enhanced data. The wealth of data in the Altares D&B catalogue allows you to select the most relevant information to enhance your existing records (such as activity, workforce, turnover, share of exports, group affiliation, delinquency score or payment practices).

Next, we put your addresses through our RNVP process (Restructuring, Standardisation and Postal Validation), which significantly reduces the costs associated with wrongly addressed mail.

You also select the most appropriate format for the use you want to make of the information and how often you want to receive your files.

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Discover how to enhance your business information with Altares data

Institutional partners

Access to reliable information on the financial health of companies in your territory is decisive in any economic development programme, or for insolvency risk prevention

  • Track the movements of local economic actors (business start-ups, moves, closures, failures, etc.) and optimise your understanding of economic activities in your territory.
  • Produce territorial analyses and economic indicators.
  • Regularly enhance your files with newly published balance sheets, score changes or preferential rights affecting the businesses in your territory before they are published in the BODACC.
  • Use the information to increase the relevance of your territorial development and competitiveness activities.
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Sales & Marketing

Enhance your CRM data with Altares data to segment and refine your activities

  • Enhance your databases with essential information for a positive sales and marketing approach.
  • Get ahead of your competitors by approaching recently created businesses.
  • Monitor any event that might affect the businesses you are canvassing.
  • Seize new sales opportunities, by addressing your offers to businesses that are merging.
  • Monitor changes in a particular area of activity and keep yourself up to date.
  • Are you working in a Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics environment? Discover our Dataxess CRM  connector!
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Refine your targeting by combining file count and enhancement

  • Enhance your database by incorporating exclusive Altares data (payment practices, delinquency score, etc.).
  • Provide your staff with automated predictive indicators to take swift, secure decisions on offering credit.
  • Get daily alerts on changes affecting your politically exposed targets and ensure you are compliant with KYC requirements.
  • Get new insights into your high-risk customers by combining the Altares delinquency score and payment practices index (Paydex®).
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Optimise your activities with Altares BtoB file processing and delivery solutions

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