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Event alerts for companies based in a given area

Activity indexes related to economic development

Effective lead generation in specific geographical areas

How it works ?

You define the criteria that determine the geo-sectoral scope you want to cover. Altares Dun & Bradstreet then offers you a unique range of key information: events in the life of a company (creations, closures, mergers, change of directors, etc.) but also balance sheets, our exclusive delinquency score or payment practices index, etc., all available “à la carte”.

You then select the most appropriate format for the use you want to make of the information and how often you want to receive your files.

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Keep your information about businesses in your portfolio up to date

Marketing & Commerce

Keep a close eye on your customers and suppliers to react quickly whenever there is an increase in risk

  • Get immediate information about statutory events (insolvency proceedings, preferential rights, unpaid debts, delinquency score, late payment, etc.) affecting your most critical partners.
  • Get the same information about events affecting the businesses you are canvassing to send them the most relevant offers.
  • Improve the reliability of your communications campaign to limit wrongly addressed mail and increase the ROI of your sales call campaigns.
  • Offer your services as soon as a new company is created in your area of activity, and respond faster than the competition.
  • Identify suppliers in the same group and access the financial relationships of over 280 million companies in the world to ensure you are compliant.
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Keep a close eye on your customer databases to take financial decisions as quickly and securely as possible.

  • Analyse the best geographical areas for establishing branches with the highest potential.
  • Get daily updates of statutory data for the businesses you are monitoring well before they are published in the BODACC and save precious time to avoid litigation or manage time limits for making a claim.
  • Get daily alerts on changes affecting your politically exposed targets.
  • Support the compliance policy (AnaCredit, KYC, combating money laundering and terrorist financing) in place in your business.
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Institutional partners

Get exhaustive, official, recognised information to stay up-to-date with the latest BtoB news in your sector

  • Get a list of third-party businesses, suppliers or subcontractors to monitor and get alerts about new events before their official publication.
  • Track the movements of local economic actors (business start-ups, moves, closures, failures, etc.) to react more quickly and secure your transactions
  • Produce an exhaustive analysis of the economic situation of a specific location or region
  • Create rankings of the highest-performing businesses in a specific economic area.
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