Manage your international risks


Benefit from information and analyses of over 280 million businesses worldwide. Verify the financial situation of your third parties, customers and suppliers to protect yourself from the risks of fragility or payment difficulties.

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A precise assessment of your third-party risk

  • Exclusive D&B rating
  • Bankruptcy risk
  • Non-payment and late payment risks
  • Financial assessments
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Detailed dashboards

  • Sector-specific scores and comparisons
  • Financial data for the last five years
  • Financial relationships: worldwide head offices and subsidiaries
  • Directors: roles within the business, other roles and associated appointments
  • Monitoring and tracking of statutory announcements and any insolvency proceedings
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Simpler, personalised management

  • Add customers to your portfolio and segment your data as you wish (activity, region, profile, etc.)
  • Get dynamic risk analyses and reports
  • Reconstruct your critical information for rapid decision-making
  • Access details in a single click
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Personalised alerts

  • Monitor your customer portfolios
  • Configure your alerts by type of event
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