It is vital for the business to be sure its data are relevant and up-to-date. Thanks to D-U-N-S numbering, Altares can enhance and improve the reliability of data about your customers and prospects all over the world.

I make my data reliable

15% of customers and 30% of prospects in information system databases are inactive or even in the midst of insolvency proceedings.


We see it every day – and it not only harms the efficiency of your processes but creates risks of fraud. Multiple databases in your various information systems inevitably lead to duplication and the rapid life cycle of businesses means data quickly become obsolete. Altares helps you trust your data again.


When it comes to cleaning, enhancing and analysing your database, Altares links your customers and prospective customers to a D-U-N-S number, the global standard for business identification, and enhances these records with data that are relevant to your area of activity. The result is a comprehensive, organised view of your relationships (businesses and individuals) regardless of the tool used: CRM, SRM, ERP, Excel or your BI tools.

Make the right credit authorisation and investment decisions quickly and reduce your DSO

API to incorporate Dun & Bradstreet global data into your information systems

  • Improve the reliability of your database
  • Get reliable data and updates in real time
  • Save time by incorporating your data into your internal applications
  • Monitor changes among your customers easily and in real time
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Manage third-party, customer and supplier databases in your SAP system

  • Manage your database
  • Simplify your compliance processes
  • Improve your decision-making processes
  • Get daily information updates
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All the power of Intuiz, available via an API

  • A permanent Data Quality Management process that monitors and ensures the coherence of the data collected.
  • SIREN numbers can be instantly loaded into or deleted from portfolios in bulk.
  • Generate an XML code that is sent and integrated directly into your back office.
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Move your CRM up a gear thanks to reliable, global data from D&B

Take advantage of a connector you can configure in just a few days, to keep your data permanently up to date

  • Improve the reliability of third-party creations and avoid duplication
  • Take advantage of daily information updates
  • Securely integrate and qualify leads from your web forms
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