Access to the most reliable, up-to-date information about your markets, your prospective customers and your potential partners worldwide allows you to develop internationally with complete peace of mind.


Just 125,000 businesses in France account for the bulk of the country’s exports.

The first obstacle identified by 60% of businesses is the lack of high-quality information about their target market, while 40% find it difficult to identify the right partner.

In an international environment that is both unstable and strictly regulated, businesses need to have complete confidence in their business partners to avoid exposure to the risks of failure or fraud.

Altares gives you access to the biggest BtoB database in the world and provides you with information on the identity, scores and financial relationships of over 280 million businesses worldwide. Dun & Bradstreet’s unique network provides you with segmentation criteria and information on financial relationships and decision-makers, to help you develop a clear commercial strategy and support your sales staff.

Make the right credit authorisation and investment decisions quickly and reduce your DSO

Online international risk management platform

  • Adjust your credit limits
  • Speed up your credit decision-making process
  • Segment and organise your customer portfolio
  • Track your customers and get alerts when their risk profile changes
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Identify risks and opportunities on an international scale

Analysis of the commercial, economic and political environment at the regional, national and global level

  • Economic prospects
  • Market access
  • Exchange-rate and transfer risks
  • Business environment
  • Business continuity
  • National security / risk of unrest
  • Expropriation / nationalisation risk
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