Targeting your sales activities more effectively and getting straight to the right contact, in the right place, at the right time and with the right proposal are the essential aspects of sales performance that data can now optimise.


440% of sales forces say they lack relevant, up-to-date information about their customers and prospective customers.

Reduce the time spent on sales research thanks to a single source of information. Data allow your sales representatives to anticipate customer needs and ask the right questions, to inspire trust in the people you are talking to. Altares can also help you predict who your future customers might be, by analysing your portfolio and using personalised predictive scores. Target your high added-value opportunities in complete confidence, inspire your sales teams and optimise your portfolios by balancing out geographical sectors.

Create, analyse and export your BtoB segments

Online, 100% mobile platform dedicated to your sales development

  • Create dedicated segments using searches cross-referenced with multiple selection criteria (digital data, INSEE data, balance-sheet data, etc.)
  • Upload your capital data and link it to our database (management of no-call files, database enhancement)
  • Geolocate your prospective customers and identify potential prospects in real time
  • Take advantage of a unique link to mCompany to check the reliability of your prospects
  • Export or upload your lists of businesses to your CRM
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Analyse international markets

Online sales development platform

  • Business sector analysis
  • Competitive environment research
  • Creation and export of prospective customer files
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