Researching your market, preparing the ground, segmenting your targets and enhancing your database as you gather information are all essential activities for effective sales canvassing.


Altares helps you transform your data into actionable information so that you can target your market precisely and optimise your marketing efforts to improve your lead-generation performance.


Only Altares has global sales coverage to provide you with lists of prospective customers that include operational decision-makers. Take advantage of the opportunity to reach new prospective customers and penetrate new markets.


Altares’ team of data scientists will analyse your data to provide you with personalised information to support your marketing strategy.

Create, analyse and export your BtoB segments

Online, 100% mobile platform dedicated to your sales development

  • Create dedicated segments using searches cross-referenced with multiple selection criteria (digital data, INSEE data, balance-sheet data, etc.)
  • Upload your capital data and link it to our database (management of no-call files, database enhancement)
  • Geolocate your prospective customers and identify potential prospects in real time
  • Take advantage of a unique link to mCompany to check the reliability of your prospects
  • Export or upload your lists of businesses to your CRM
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