Customer Success

Support – Listening – Expertise – Teaching

Training activities are handled by our “Customer Success” department.
The team is made up of senior customer advisers with detailed knowledge
of the products and services marketed by Altares.

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Support :

Support for users of Altares solutions on using them day-to-day and responding to questions.

Information :

Information flows in both directions: we regularly send our customers information with the latest news about our products and services (updates, amendments and improvements). We also use the “Ask & Learn” method to gather feedback about our solutions from users. Gaining a better understanding of the customer experience in this way allows us to communicate high added-value information to our marketing and sales teams.

Satisfaction :

We do our utmost to guarantee maximum satisfaction using qualitative surveys and regular interactions with our users: essential activities for maintaining our leadership position.

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Always on hand

Our Customer Success team is there at every stage of the customer journey, from signing the contract through to the end of the relationship.

  • Support for customers learning to use our solutions
  • Support during “refresher” campaigns and updates
  • Gathering customer feedback on using our solutions
  • Recording reasons for termination

A customer-centric approach

Our customers are our focal point.
We are committed to the highest possible level of availability and responding to their problems and questions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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