Customer Support


Customer Support is the “triage station” for numerous different requests from our contacts. As such, its role as a switching system is fundamental to the quality, relevance and speed of the responses it gives to existing and prospective customers.

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    All requests (for various kinds of information, details of our products and services, and complaints) received via all channels (email, phone, post) and from all sources (customers, prospective customers and partners) are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.
    We take control and monitor the difficulties encountered by our customers until they have been satisfactorily resolved from the customer’s perspective. Our Customer Support team guarantees the quality of the response you receive.
  •  INFORM 
    Customers are kept proactively informed about the progress of their request. Our committed Customer Service team is responsible for its responses to the problems encountered by the people who contact it.
    Any key area of customer dissatisfaction is fed back to the relevant department at Altares (Sales Department, Systems and Operations Department, Marketing and Communications Department, Customer Experience and Support Department, Finance Department) to be addressed.
  •  TRAIN
    Customer Support offers basic training for customers on Altares or D&B products and on the additional services available.


The various requests we receive are compiled through three main channels and referred to the relevant department:

Altares Customer Services : This is where the largest number and most diverse range of requests from the majority of our customers are handled.

Cross-border Service  : Service specialising in all requests from Dun & Bradstreet partners.

Support Service : Service that manages customers who have a service agreement, for whom we have undertaken to resolve or respond to all requests within a contractual time frame, along with our high development potential “GOLD” strategic customers.


Level I : 80% of the various customer requests we receive (e-mail and phone calls) are answered immediately.

Level II : Our customer service team has a second level of processing to increase its independence and guarantee the fastest possible response time: this gives the team the opportunity to think about and resolve more complex requests.

For Data : Checking the legal situation, analysing solvency evidence and reading the annual financial statements, possibly resulting in amending the score and outstanding liabilities of the businesses examined.

For Products : Identifying solutions for any anomalies found by our customers when using our various products or services.