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Recover your cash and manage your customer risk


Optimise your debt recovery management and maximise your cash flow

Late payment is now the main reason businesses fail. Wynbe uses Altares data and its high-performance algorithms to help you prioritise your debt recovery.

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Manage your customer risk and gain a better understanding of your accounts

Wynbe allows you to consolidate your own information with information from the Altares database in a single tool, along with credit-insurance data.

Anticipate your customer failures and take the right decisions well before you suffer the consequences.

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Effective debt recovery management

  • Reminder scenarios based on your customer segmentation
  • Automated sending of various reminder letters, leaving you to concentrate on added-value actions
  • A 360° view of your customer (invoicing history, disputes, current activities, etc.) for a solid understanding and appropriate messaging
  • Decision-making indicators and predictive analysis
  • Monitoring tools and activity follow-ups

Reminders based on powerful algorithms incorporating :

  • Payer profile
  • Amount and age of outstanding debts
  • Probability of payment
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Risk Management

  • Daily alerts on your accounts (payment behaviour, score, insolvency proceedings, etc.) that you can share with your sales department
  • Management of your internal limits, insurance and guarantees
  • Decision-making trees based on multiple data to automate your decisions or calculate internal scores.
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