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LVMH - Altares D&B

To meet the needs of the LVMH Group’s Houses, it was decided to call on Altares D&B, a service provider specialising in providing access to legal, economic and financial information on French and international companies.

The Framework Contract signed on 23/12/2022 provides for this information to be made available via web portals, APIs, as well as pre-developed connectors to the most popular CRM and ERP applications.

Master Agreement for supplying business intelligence

The Houses of LVMH Group have decided to call upon the services of Altares D&B, who specialize in providing access to legal, economic and financial intelligence on French and international companies. 

The Master Agreement signed on 23/12/2022 sets forth the terms and conditions for providing this information via web portals, APIs and predeveloped connectors for the most popular CRMs and ERPs.  

The Services outlined hereafter may be provided for all LVMH Group companies upon request by placing an Order. APPENDIX 1 – “DESCRIPTION OF THE SERVICES AND FINANCIAL CONDITIONS” is available from Altares D&B as well as in LVMH’s contract library.  

Once the Client has outlined its requirements or requested a quote using the form below, and depending on the Services required, Altares D&B will arrange a meeting.  

The purpose of this meeting is to define the Client’s requirements and clarify all the points needed to draw up a quote and schedule for providing the Services, which will take place over the next working days after the meeting.  

If the Service entails processing a file, once the Service has been requested, the Client will submit said file for initial analysis. 

Solutions to cover all your needs

Altares is a business intelligence expert that designs decisioning solutions and metrics on the economic and extra-financial performance of private- and public-sector organizations in their ecosystem. 

Altares uses a global database of 500 million legal entities to help industry players achieve sustainable growth whilst fulfilling essential requirements such as compliance and CSR.

Risk Management

The financial health of your business depends not only on its performance and structure, but on the robustness of its ecosystem.  

Altares can offer you the world’s largest B2B database and solutions to help you quickly get the relevant data and insights about your markets, prospects and potential partners to ensure effective risk management and secure growth. 

Finance Analytics (D&B Credit)

Control your risks on an international scale.

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