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D&B Direct+ Data Blocks

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Use monitoring for automatic updating of data

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D&B Direct+ is a simple and powerful programming interface that gives you real-time access to the Dun & Bradstreet global database. Data quality is cited in numerous studies as a key success factor in enterprise software implementation. Whether you need to improve the efficiency of your CRM, drive risk in ERP, automate billing or qualify leads from your web forms, our pre-sales engineers and project managers will work with you to meet your challenges.

Integrate Data Blocks into your tools and systems

How does Data Blocks works ?

Tailor our data
to meet
your needs

Build as many levels of data as you want using blocks

Data Blocks

A data block is a logical and thematic grouping of data from the global D&B database.

  • Simple, modern and flexible integration method
  • Meet all your challenges by assembling blocks for customized data
  • Use Direct+ monitoring to keep all your applications up-to-date

Data Levels

Levels are segmented views of data blocks to meet specific customer content needs.

  • Up to 5 levels available per block
  • Access to higher levels automatically gives you access to lower levels

Data Blocks & D-U-N-S Number

When you put the D-U-N-S Number at the heart of your business, you gain access to a world of data. Whether you want to know more about your most important customers, look at a specific industry, identify an effective beneficiary, or simply enrich your data, use our Data Blocks. And by activating Direct+ Monitoring, you will never have to update your data again - everything is automatic.

Company Entity Resolution

Search and identify, to find a business entity worldwide and assign it a DUNS number. Clean up existing files, eliminate duplicates and implement search capabilities with business applications

Company Entity Resolution

Company Information

Legal and firmographic data about a company, including company name and address, type of industry or business activity, size and national identifiers.

Company information

Principals & Contacts

Information on current and former directors and officers of the company, including: names, titles, dates and places of birth

principal & Contacts

Hierarchies & Connections

Identifies entities associated with a given company in terms of legal ownership, franchises and other types of relationships. The complete Family Tree is also available

hierarchies and connections

Sales & Marketing Insights

Analytical scores and predictive indicators to help sales and marketing professionals with a wide range of everyday targeting and sales use cases

Company News

Publication of news associated with a particular company

Industry Profile

Industry-specific information, including industry challenges, trends and opportunities, and executive opinions. Often used to prepare for sales meetings

Third-Party Risk Insights

Analytical scores and ratings to help procurement and compliance professionals assess the risks of existing and new suppliers

third party risk insights

Diversity Insights

Available only to U.S. companies. Indicators modeled or reported on "company class" status, such as women, minorities, or other social classes

Ownership Insights

Information about the persons and companies that own shares in a given business entity and/or ultimately benefit from the outcome of that business

ownership insights

Financial Strength Insights

Analytical scores and ratings to help finance professionals evaluate other companies

financial strength

Company Financials

Current and prior year financial statement information for private and public companies

company financials

Filings & Events

Information on legal events related to a business, such as: registrations with local authorities, lawsuits, suspension of payments, bankruptcies/financial embargoes

filing events

Payment Insights

Information about a company's payment history and profile. This includes Dun & Bradstreet's Paydex® score, which represents the company's payment performance

payment insights


Notifies users of changes to the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud for registered D-U-N-S Numbers to maintain the most current data and to be notified of any updates

payment insights

D&B Direct+ Data Blocks

Made to suits your needs

Data Blocks is changing the way companies work with business information. Want to know what Data Blocks can do for your organization?

Your needs

Data Blocks meet all your business challenges

Create a unified view of all your third parties across the enterprise by integrating structured and consistent data to increase the efficiency of your teams, your systems, and your entire business. The “Company Entity Resolution” block is used to assign a D-U-N-S Number® to all companies in the database. This unique global business identifier is essential to eliminate duplication and ensure seamless communication between enterprise applications. No more data silos!

Direct+ data blocks provide marketing and sales professionals with reliable and up-to-date data in all their sales applications (CRM, marketing automation, etc.). You increase the efficiency and productivity of your teams thanks to enriched customer profiles. The consistency of global data also facilitates analysis and reporting and allows marketing to better target campaigns to generate qualified leads.

According to a Deloitte survey released in 2019, 60 percent of procurement managers cited poor master data governance as their biggest problem in mastering digital complexity. Direct+ data blocks allow purchasing departments to access real-time D&B information and analysis directly in their business applications to:

  • Optimize the management of supplier information in real time
  • Accelerate and secure the supplier onboarding process
  • Anticipate potential supply chain disruptions
  • Better negotiate contracts by consolidating expenses

Finance and credit management professionals are dedicated to improving business performance by effectively managing risk while increasing efficiency to drive profitable growth. Direct+ data blocks provide integrated, instant access to robust risk data and information critical to financial operations.

Compliance with regulations is often a burden and requires significant time and resources for the company. However, it is essential to avoid financial penalties and to preserve the company’s reputation. With integrated, real-time access to over 440 million companies and over 100 million beneficial owners in 220 countries, Direct+ enables our clients to accelerate their due diligence process, saving time and resources while ensuring compliance with regulations and their own ethical standards.

Direct+ data blocks provide marketing and sales professionals with reliable and up-to-date data in all their sales applications (CRM, marketing automation, etc.). You increase the efficiency and productivity of your teams thanks to enriched customer profiles. The consistency of global data also facilitates analysis and reporting and allows marketing to better target campaigns to generate qualified leads.

Créez une vue unique de l’ensemble de vos tiers clients, prospects, fournisseurs et partenaires commerciaux

Selon IDC, les dépenses mondiales des entreprises pour les projets de transformation numérique devraient atteindre 2,3 milliards d’euros d’ici 2023. Avec des volumes de données à traiter en constante augmentation, des systèmes disparates et hérités et un manque de gouvernance des données au sein des groupes, il est urgent que les entreprises se transforment. L’API D&B Direct+ fournit la structure, l’exhaustivité, la qualité et la connectivité dont votre entreprise a besoin pour établir les bases d’un Master Data Management performant et pour briser les silos de données entre les différentes entités et entre les départements fonctionnels.

Quels Data Blocks ?

company entity resolution
Principals & Contacts
Company information
Company Entity Resolution
principles contacts
Company Information