D&B Finance Analytics

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Expected results

The D&B Finance Analytics platform facilitates coherent credit decisions on a worldwide scale. It allows you to standardise your credit evaluation processes and manage your portfolio of third parties, customers and suppliers more efficiently.

Expected results

  • Search for a company and submit an investigation.
  • View, read and export reports.
  • Manage the global portfolio and how to customise it (folder).
  • Create alert profiles.
  • Set up your personal access.
  • Get an overview of the administrator rights.

About the program

The D&B Finance Analytics webinar is a training session covering all the features of the application, intended for user and administrator profile. The topics covered are :


  • company search and request for investigation,
  • consulting and exporting a report,
  • portfolio management (global and folder),
  • the alert profiles,
  • your access settings,
  • an overview of the administrator rights (creation and management of users).

The format

Pre-recorded, cross-company webinar of approximately 1 hour.

The training team

The Customer Success & Care trainers are here to listen to you and guide you through the use of the Altares-D&B solutions with empathy and pedagogy.

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