The cloud platform entirely dedicated to KYC and compliance



IndueD facilitates and optimises
your KYC process

Screen companies and subsidiaries

Easily find UBOs and financial statements

Monitor your compliance with an easy-to-use tool

indueD provides the due diligence information essential to help you implement a rigorous and effective compliance process

The most complete data for a thorough control

Our database provides information and analysis on companies, their structures and beneficial owners (UBO). Better informed, your company can react faster and avoid regulatory mistakes.

Don’t let complex compliance processes get in the way of your business. By monitoring our data and analytics around the world, you’ll gain a better understanding of the companies you work with and be able to determine which ones to avoid.

Protect your business from these hidden risks by linking business partners and their indirect relationships. Avoid unnecessary penalties, protect your reputation and comply with applicable laws and regulations, saving up to 75% of your time.

Collecting beneficial owners can be difficult without a consistent, timely, accurate and comprehensive data source.

Altares Dun & Bradstreet is the only data provider that can connect companies, shareholders and decision makers around the world to simplify complex corporate structures.

Watch lists
shorter KYC-proces

How it works ?

Manage regulatory risk.

indueD provides a comprehensive and customizable solution that allows you to manage risk in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


What can indueD do for you ?

So easy to use

Work at breakneck speed with what is arguably the most disruptive web compliance solution on the market.
  • Optimized dashboards and charts help you improve intelligence in a single view
  • User-friendly, intuitive and ultra-fast interface for an optimal user experience
  • Fully compatible with all modern browsers
  • Use the solution on any device

Manage your portfolio

Keep track of all your business relationships and recognize risks at a glance.

  • Import your entire portfolio at the click of a button in .csv or .xls format
  • Use advanced intelligent filtering and triggers to ensure effective and tailored monitoring
  • Easily track the status of the end-to-end monitoring process
  • Use risk indicators to quickly distinguish between high-risk and non-risk business relationships

Want to see indueD in action?

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High speed screening

Start your due diligence with a single click. Check one entity or even thousands of business relationships at once. There’s no limit.
  • Instant control
  • Customize your compliance score with your own risk profiles
  • Run your KYC/KYV checks using bulk processing
  • Automatically collect beneficial owners
  • Get global coverage with 500 million companies listed, over 16 million beneficial owners (UBOs), over 1.5 million PEPs (politically exposed persons), 700 blacklists, sanctions lists, and more
  • Ensure compliance with anti-corruption, sanctions, anti-money laundering and other regulations.

False Positive Management has never been that easy

Identify homonyms and confirm identified individuals to ensure a more accurate KYC score.

  • Integrated and advanced false positive processing
  • Save valuable time: receive an alert as soon as false positive processing is completed
  • False positive analysis is automatically included in indueD. Simply generate the report
indisputable audit trail

Accurate compliance scoring

The audit trail helps you effortlessly comply with your unique set of compliance rules. Export, share and save with one click.

  • The indueD portfolio in Excel format for in-depth analysis.
  • Downloadable KYC reports for easy archiving and sharing.
  • Archive your documents and share them easily in PDF format.


How can we help you?

With our indueD compliance platform, we help you grow without taking more risks or compromising on quality.


Use indueD workflow to collaborate

The indueD workflow is optimized to improve sharing and efficiency, including notifications.
  • Get a real-time, comprehensive, convenient and consolidated view of the entire portfolio
  • Find out which analysts are working on specific projects

Efficient portfolio monitoring

As a compliance officer, you have enough on your plate. Let us help you. Use our tracking and spot changes in your portfolio at a glance.

  • Specify the business relationships you want to monitor on an ongoing basis
  • Receive alerts whenever there is a change in your KYC environment
  • Ensure that your information is always up to date
  • Save time and money and focus on what really matters

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