Dataxess: Boost your CRM with real-time nformation about world's companies


Dataxess CRM

Your CRM is enriched with data and analysis

Understand the structure of your clients’ business

Data and analysis on every company in the world

Automated data maintenance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Dataxess Key Features: Solving your data challenges


Combine our unique D-U-N-S numbers with the right business entities to create an accurate, comprehensive and operational database in no time. Duplicates and incorrect data are eliminated in your CRM.


Enrich the database* with additional, deeper analysis and take it to the next level. Together, we will transform your database into a valuable source of information for your entire company.


Connect your systems to our data cloud and get real-time data for your entire enterprise. Benefits: Less manual input, automatic quality control and more efficient business processes through improved workflow. Real-time data: anywhere, anytime

How does it work?

Dataxess at a glance

The 4 Dataxess modules help you meet your data challenges.

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1. Clean
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2. Entries
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3. Enrich
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4. Monitor

Boost your databases

360° view of business relationships

The company profiles of your contacts have never been so complete. Leverage cross-departmental collaboration to understand your relationships better than ever.

Strategic Directions

Challenge your strategy against our data and get a realistic reflection on your prospecting plans. Stay ahead of your competitors.

Improved communication

Each department, region and business unit can benefit from the same comprehensive information. This reduces the risk of communication problems.

An efficient workflow

Important information must be transmitted automatically and to the right place. Automate time-consuming processes, avoid unnecessary errors and stay proactive.

Dataxess schoont je klantgegevens op door flink met de bezem door je CRM te gaan. Het koppelt ons unieke D-U-N-S-nummer aan jouw klantgegevens en verifiërt ze dan met onze rijke database. Binnen een mum van tijd is je CRM opgeschoond en geordend. Duplicaten behoren tot het verleden, net als onjuiste gegevens.

  • Weg met duplicaten
  • Markeer bedrijven die ‘out of business’ zijn
  • Automatische duplicatiecheck
  • Instelbare duplicate management regels

Handmatig data toevoegen aan het CRM is tijdrovend. En saai. Met Dataxess kun je binnen enkele seconden een compleet en verrijkt account aanmaken. Dankzij de koppeling met de D&B Data Cloud, krijgt je CRM een invoerscherm (zie onder) en zoek je in je CRM naar het bedrijf dat je wilt toevoegen – enkele seconden later is het account aangemaakt én gecheckt op duplicaten.

Dit is een ‘first-time-right’ methode die ervoor zorgt dat data altijd juist en uniform aan het CRM toegevoegd wordt. Als het account eenmaal is aangemaakt, wordt de data automatisch onderhouden.

  • Zeer gebruiksvriendelijk
  • Accounts aanmaken in minder dan 10 sec – 99% tijdsbesparing
  • First time right
  • Altijd complete data over je accounts
  • Nooit meer duplicaten

Jouw CRM, aangedreven door bedrijfsinformatie. Zoek je het juiste adres van je klant? Of wil je checken of die nieuwe klant wel kredietwaardig is? Dit en nog veel meer kun je met Dataxess rechtstreeks vanuit je CRM doen, dankzij het verrijken van je klantgegevens. Dataxess verrijkt je accounts met tientallen informatievelden, van kredietrisico tot sales en marketing data – alles handig geordend op de accountpagina.

  • Identiteit: D-U-N-S, geografische gegevens, bedrijfsnaam, adressen, actief/inactief en meer.
  • Segmentatie: grading, scoring, omzet, medewerkers, branche, sector, industrie.
  • Bestuurders: positie, achternaam, voornaam
  • Corporate structure: bedrijfsstructuren, hoofdkantoor
  • Kredietrisicodata: D&B Rating, Paydex

Nooit meer handmatig gegevens bijwerken. Je CRM is dus een waardevolle informatiebron, maar wie heeft er tijd en zin om informatie op te zoeken en het CRM bij te werken? Gelukkig neemt Dataxess het volledige onderhoud uit handen – zie het als het uitbesteden van data management.

Dataxess verwerkt dagelijks wijzigingen, zoals verhuizingen, overnames, faillisementen, wijzigingen in het kredietrisico, kredietlimieten en nog veel meer. Je weet dus zeker dat de gegevens in je CRM juist en volledig zijn zonder dat je er iets voor hoeft te doen.

  • Verkort je salesproces tot wel 50%
  • Kwalificeer leads razendsnel
  • 360 graden zicht op al je accounts
  • Voorkom gedifferienteerd account management
  • Bereid je beter voor op klantmeetings
  • Creëer eenvoudig gesegmenteerde rapportages

Business benefits



  • Know your prospects better to accelerate your conversion process
  • Improve campaign reliability (avoid duplication, ensure proper addressing, etc.)
  • Oversee business units, regions, industries and contacts and optimize cross-sell / up-sell campaigns.


  • Make customer profiling more accurate with up-to-date and reliable data.
  • Evaluate your market penetration rate by sector or geographic area



  • Improve sales team productivity by reducing administrative work (manual data entry in CRM, etc.)
  • Improve your customer knowledge with the global D&B Data Cloud.
  • Make it easy to prospect for key accounts through the eyes of the corporate structure.


  • Improve sales organization with segmented company structure data
  • Define international objectives for key accounts according to their group structure
  • Use these productivity gains to focus on customer loyalty



  • Reduce costs and delays due to incorrect invoices (wrong address, wrong registration numbers, etc.)
  • Accelerate your credit decisions with credit risk data
  • Consolidate outstanding payments from customers in the same business group


  • Implement an effective “lead to cash” strategy.
  • Increase team productivity by automating administrative issues.



  • Enrich your systems with relevant, standardized and linked data with the D-U-N-S Number.
  • Facilitate exchanges and integrations between different databases and enterprise systems


  • Accelerate compliance processes: meet regulatory requirements for third-party identification, segmentation and data transparency. (such as SAPIN2, KYC, MiFID, Basel II, etc.)

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Reporting & Management

Reporting and monitoring

Create reports on your business activities to present useful information to your managers.

The quality of your reports increases significantly, as they are based on up-to-date information on all companies worldwide. You can better assess situations, especially within different departments and regions.

  • Make relevant decisions based on facts
  • Mitigate potential risk and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Use the company’s organizational chart to consolidate revenue by customer
  • Justify marketing investments
  • Create accurate reports quickly

Aligned internal organization: add value throughout the customer journey

With a single source of information, you can significantly improve collaboration and synergy between different departments. Say goodbye to manual tasks, parallel activities or incorrect billing details.

The result: a coherent internal organization and external communication.

To improve the customer journey, all touch points must bring positive value to your relationship. For many companies, CRM is linked to the ERP or to a billing system. By being sure that you have clean data, you can trust all CRM-related tools.

  • Improve collaboration between sales, marketing and accounting
  • Boost the productivity of your teams
  • Optimize internal communication with a single source of information
  • Trust the data instead of manual tasks and focus on your core business
  • Take advantage of reliable data for billing: less attrition and better
    cash flow
  • Create unique customer journeys based on enriched data
single source of truth

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