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D&B Hoovers: Discover the best prospects

In today’s highly competitive market, data-driven organisations have a clear advantage over their rivals. Did you know that data-driven companies are 23 times more likely to acquire new customers and 6 times more likely to retain them?

We surveyed hundreds of B2B marketing professionals and about 40% of them believe that their sales teams do not have the right account information to effectively interact with prospects and opportunities.

D&B Hoovers can help close this gap and accelerate lead conversion to create a profitable relationship through the effective use of data and analytics.

We believe there is a tremendous opportunity for B2B sales and marketing companies to move away from a traditional approach to a strategy that accelerates sales.

D&B Hoovers is powered by the world’s largest sales database and advanced analytics that help you accelerate your sales process. Our solution enables B2B sales and marketing professionals to accelerate sales, improve go-to-market activities and increase business growth.

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What D&B Hoovers can do for you

Advanced features for sales teams who want to do less research and sell more.

Recherchez des concepts, pas seulement des mots-clés.

Nos puissantes capacités de recherche vont au-delà de la recherche de simples mots-clés. Elles vous aident à comprendre comment les entreprises, les contacts et les secteurs d’activité sont liés à des sujets ciblés tels que “voitures autonomes” ou “acquisitions”. Nos fonctions de recherche uniques offrent un nouveau moyen d’identifier les entreprises impliquées dans les technologies émergentes telles que la “livraison par drone” pour vous aider à trouver des opportunités de vente avant que vos concurrents ne les découvrent.
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What can you expect from D&B Hoovers?

Discover upsell opportunities

Get a complete picture of the corporate structure including parent companies, subsidiaries and affiliates. Our linkage data can help you understand a company and uncover up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Use advanced filtering options to get relevant information within group family trees
  • Add an entire family tree or individual entities to a list in a snap
  • Easily export group trees, including enhanced data, in .xls or .csv format

Financial analysis

D&B Hoovers provides today’s most comprehensive financial information with reliable reporting options, including valuable information on private companies.
  • Analyse a company’s financial health and discover threats or opportunities with a full range of reports
  • The tool offers balance sheets, annual reports, SEC filings, stock market reports, ratio comparisons, and geographic and business segments

Stay informed, wherever you are

Access company profiles, news and alerts from D&B Hoovers on your phone. Plus, you can search for nearby businesses on the go to find out about sales opportunities in the area.
  • Information and insights on over 200 million businesses, and available on all devices.

Integrate actionable data into your CRM

D&B Hoovers integrates seamlessly with your CRM. It provides sales and marketing teams with a consistent source of real-time, comprehensive and actionable data that improves sales productivity and increases marketing ROI.
  • Update and enhance records with a single click, and access company profiles, contacts, news and triggers directly from accounts, contacts and prospects in your CRM

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