Improve the reliability of your databases, identify prospects and enhance your customer knowledge thanks to intelligent files, in France and abroad.



Deduplicate your database and ensure a third party exists



Benefit from unique indicators in addition to traditional data



Identify companies according to specific criteria



Be alerted to movements in your geo-sectoral scope


Sales & Marketing Departments

Improve the ROI of your sales operations by generating more qualified leads

Do you dream of (highly) qualified prospects?

Altares offers you files that are “smart, not big!”. Over 40% of VSEs are empty shells… we exclude them from your target. NLP analysis to supplement the NAF code, which is often imprecise… Give us your keywords! 90 criterias at your disposal (size, location, capital links, risk etc.)

Are you prioritising your prospecting campaigns?

Altares provides you with essential data and unique indicators. 2.5 M name-based emails, telephone numbers, and all addresses processed by RNVP (Restructuring, Normalisation and Postal Validation). Economic performance indicators to contact the most dynamic companies first

Credit managers, Compliance and Procurement departments

Get a new view of your customers at risk and be alerted to any changes

Control your financial risk and meet your compliance obligations

Altares puts all of its BtoB knowledge at your fingertips
Financial and stock market data: balance sheets, legal notices
Risk: Altares default score, payment behaviour, etc.
Capital links: subsidiaries, shareholdings, etc.
Compliance: Beneficial ownership

Monitor the movements of your third parties with geo-sectoral monitoring

Our data is kept up to date to ensure constant monitoring
Define your geo-sectoral perimeter with 15 criteria: activity, size, geography, legal category
Identify which movements are monitored (formations, closures, mergers, change of directors, publication of balance sheets, legal notices)
Finally, determine the frequency with which you want to receive your files and their format

Altares data adds value, whatever your sector:


Make your third-party databases more reliable to ensure the effectiveness of your procedures

Draw up a complete diagnosis of the economic state of a location, region etc. Build a ranking of the best performing companies in a region Make information campaigns more reliable and limit the costs linked to misdirected mail (NATA)


Optimise your award decisions and offer the right services to the right company

Optimise your risk management, lending and underwriting policies with the richness and reliability of Altares' financial data and indicators Address your financial services to the most appropriate targets

Business services

Create reliable files to increase the profitability of your commercial actions

Identify your target audience and the right decision makers: "smart, not big!” Exclude risky and late-paying companies Prioritise your actions with Altares business indicators


Find out how we can help you qualify and enrich your B2B files


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