UBO Factory
Identify your third-party beneficial owners

With UBOFactory, access our database which lists all the beneficial owners (UBOs) and official statuses for 10 million French companies.


UBO Factory

Identify your third-party beneficial owners

Are you concerned by the 5th European Directive on the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing?

Do you want to carry out your Due Diligence?

We collect information for you from official sources

Altares - D&B deliverables

Identity data enrichment for the companies provided

The complete ownership structure from official records

All beneficial owners calculated from the ownership structure

The most comprehensive executive database on the market

All official and up to date status documents

A usable, secure and confidential format

Beneficial owners

UBO Factory

Who are beneficial owners?

Beneficial owners are the natural persons who*:

  • hold, directly or indirectly, more than 25% of the capital or voting rights of a company,
  • or exercise, by any other means, a controlling interest in the company.

*According to Article L233-3 of the French Commercial Code. Decree 18 April 2018 – R – 561-1

Beneficial owners in the Dun & Bradstreet database


in the global database


in Europe


in France


in the Netherlands


in Belgium

How does Altares collect information on beneficial owners?

For each company, Altares experts reconstruct the capital structure (based on its SIREN number) to identify all natural persons who hold at least 1% of the share capital. We therefore go beyond the beneficial owners holding at least 25% of the capital. Indeed, Altares’ Data Science teams have developed an algorithm that allows us to calculate the exact level of ownership.

Altares – D&B, your compliance partner

The largest BtoB database in the world with 500 million entities

+ 7 million more beneficiaries collected in 10 months*.

The quality of the information collected locally by the members of the Dun & Bradstreet network

Your list of beneficial owners

The beneficial owners are delivered to you in a secure and confidential “file” format, enriched with identity data, managers, the complete capital tree and all the official statutes of each third party. You can easily integrate this list into your screening tools.

UBO Factory

Identify your third-party beneficial owners


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