D&B Onboard User Training





D&B Onboard is an application that effectively addresses compliance objectives by enabling Customer Due Diligence (CDD) processes on a global scale.

D&B Onboard Training

Expected results

Conduct a company search and survey request.

Screen companies.

Generate the different types of reports and know how to read their contents.

Manage your portfolio and create files (sub-portfolios).

Customize a report and export it.

Putting companies under surveillance.

About the program

The D&B Onboard webinar is a training session covering all the features of the application. Topics include: company search, viewing and customizing reports, screening, portfolio management and alerts.

The trainers

Xavier Egea
Customer advisor

Xavier Egea, Customer Success Advisor. Xavier is a dynamic expert with over 10 years of experience in customer relations. He will guide you through the discovery of the D&B Onboard application with empathy and pedagogy.


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