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Expected results

IndueD is a cloud platform totally dedicated to KYC (Know Your Customer) and compliance issues

Expected results

  • General configuration and day-to-day management of your third parties by your compliance analysts.
  • Screening customisation :
    • Screening adjustments and optimisation of results/false positives to be processed.
    • Define the risks associated with each discriminating criteria in order to be relevant to your business context.
  • indueD compliance score settings:
    • Customise the global score calculated : how the discriminating criteria are going to be taken into account in the compliance score.

About the program

The indueD administrator webinar is a training session designed to help you to customise the platform according to your needs, with three parameters to consider :
  • customising screening
  • discriminating criteria
  • the global compliance score

The format

Pre-recorded, cross-company webinar of approximately 1 hour.

The training team

The Customer Success & Care trainers are here to listen to you and guide you through the use of the Altares-D&B solutions with empathy and pedagogy.

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