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A brief history…

Created in 1841, Dun & Bradstreet was originally known as “The Mercantile Agency”. The US-based firm specialised in publishing business data.

Recognising the necessity of a centralised credit reporting system, its founder, Lewis Tappan, wanted to create a network of correspondents providing reliable, objective credit information to people who subscribed to his “database”.

In 1859, the company was transferred to Robert Graham Dun, who immediately changed the firm’s name to R.G. Dun & Company. Over the next 40 years, Graham Dun continued to extend the company’s activities throughout the world.

In 1933, Dun merged with his competitor, John M. Bradstreet, to form today’s Dun & Bradstreet. The merger was led by Dun’s CEO at the time, Arthur Whiteside. Whiteside’s successor, J. Wilson Newman, worked hard to expand Dun’s range of products and services significantly during the 1960s.

Since 1962, Dun & Bradstreet has steadily moved into new parts of the world, acquired other companies and extended its influence worldwide.

Altares has been a partner of the Dun & Bradstreet Group since 2004, when Dun & Bradstreet France merged with the company BIL (Bureau d’Informations Légales). A few years later, the company took the name it has today.

Dun & Bradstreet products marketed by Altares

Altares is the exclusive partner of the Dun & Bradstreet international network, the world leader in BtoB economic information, in France, the BeNeLux countries and the Maghreb. Thanks to Dun & Bradstreet, our customers now have access to a database containing over 280 million businesses worldwide, in 220 countries.

Direct +, Hoovers, D&B Country Risk, D&B Credit, D&B Onboard and the D-U-N-S Number are now some of the Dun & Bradstreet products marketed by the Altares Group. Find out more about our products:

From simple KYC/KYV to screening sanctions lists and identifying ultimate beneficial owners, simplify and speed up your compliance processes.

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Discover Onboard

Take exclusive advantage of information and analyses for over 280 million businesses worldwide. Verify the financial situation of your customers and suppliers and protect yourself from the risks of fragility or payment difficulties.

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Discover D&B credit

Evaluate risks and opportunities by accessing detailed analyses of the commercial, economic and political environment of 132 countries.

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Discover Country Risk

Improve the reliability of your analyses and speed up your decision-making by enhancing your systems with key D&B data.

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Discover D&B Direct+

DUNS number

Discover Dun & Bradstreet’s unique global identifier.

Discover le DUNS Number

Access reliable, real-time information about all businesses, directors and sectors in over 220 countries.

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Discover Hoovers

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