inDoc delivers officials document for 220 countries in 1 hour.*

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All official documents available in 1 click !

Do you ever require URGENT international company documents when no one else can help? Do you need to be sure of the document’s provenance? With inDoc it’s so simple !

inDoc provides international company documents via email in less than 1 hour*, in a wide range of countries worldwide.

You just have to place your order via the DUNS number (or name of the company) and thanks to our experienced researchers, your document will be emailed to you, that’s it !


What type of document can I get?

With inDoc by Altares, a wide range of official documents is now available :

  • Registry extracts
  • Incorporation documents
  • Articles of Association
  • Accounts
  • Annual Returns
  • Directors appointments
  • Shareholders
  • Registered agents

7 Certification types: Normal registry copies, Certified copies, Legalised, Legalised by Apostille, Certificates of Incumbency, Certificates of good standing, Legal opinions


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With inDoc, you access strategic data :

Altares is launching the first Worldwide Official Document Order with the best usability :

  • Worldwide: Globally networked experts across 220 countries
  • Time Efficient: Most documents are sent in less than 1 hour*
  • One stop Shop: No need to open multiple accounts with different registries or suppliers
  • Confidential: All requests are treated in strictest confidence
  • Official Sources All documents are sourced directly from official sources so you can be sure of a document provenance with 7 certifications types
  • Biggest B2B database in the world: Global company document delivery which includes companies not on any online system (approximately 350 million companies)

*delivery time is for information only, it may vary according to the country.

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