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Global Bankruptcy Trends – Will 2022 be the year of financial reckoning?


9h30 - 10h30

Webinar - Worldwide Bankruptcy

Nearly half of all 43 economies monitored by Dun & Bradstreet and its Worldwide Network saw a decrease in business failures during 2021. In some countries, business failures reached their lowest level in a decade. However, the Global Bankruptcy Report by the Worldwide Network presents that current business failure rates are artificially low levels.

Much like 2020, when business disruption rose to unprecedented levels, Covid-19 dominated the narrative in 2021. Sporadic increases in cases across many countries prompted mandatory shutdowns and continued to wreak havoc on businesses.

As a result, the precipitous fall in business failures may appear counterintuitive. But there are several factors that have helped thousands of businesses keep their heads above water.

Monitoring country, sector and counter-party risks are key to helping businesses create better strategic plans to limit payment delinquency, guide cash-flow management decisions, and strengthen supply chain resilience.

What you need is a better, more efficient way to manage your risk profile correctly. One that doesn’t require the massive effort of shifting through mountains of data.

A global view enables mitigation of emerging cross-border risks, and the ability to grasp growth opportunities, wherever they are, in a timely way.

We are here to help with our Webinar, hosted live on 14th July at 09:30am.

We will offer actionable insights about how you can manage your risk profile properly and plan for sustainable success.

Agenda :

  • Assess macro and micro level risks
  • Maximise profitability with data, insights and automation
  • An integrated global perspective

Dr Arun Singh
Global Chief Economist at Dun & Bradstreet

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