D&B Credit

Your international financial risk management platform


D&B Credit

The international risk management platform

Accurately assess the risks of your third-party customers and suppliers

Detect business opportunities with your customers and suppliers

Optimize your cash flow

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How it works

D&B Credit

Every day we collect, analyze and structure huge amounts of financial data. Thanks to our patented quality processes and algorithms, we can inform you about the financial health of your customers, prospects, partners or suppliers.

Overall risk of the company

While each global market has its own risk scores and ratings, we use locally available data to create a globally consistent picture that can be used to compare companies in different countries.

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What can you expect from D&B Credit?

Easy to handle

Work faster with the most disruptive solution on the market.

  • Optimized dashboards and charts help you conduct intelligence in a single view
  • A user-friendly, intuitive and ultra-fast interface for an optimal user experience
  • Fully compatible with all web browsers

Analyse the structures of group trees

The D&B Credit Group Tree allows you to examine the overall risk of a company by exploring our extensive database.

  • View the subsidiaries and branches of a company
  • Identify global risk via the group tree and improve your portfolio management
  • Assess the size of the company and potential conflicts of interest
  • Export an accurate report on the most important suppliers

Keep track of legal events

Legal events can have an impact on the financial stability of a company. Find the collective procedures in progress.

Here are some examples of legal events that may affect your business:

  • Insolvency (such as receivership and bankruptcy)
  • Court decisions
  • Other public statements

Monitor companies with alerts

Be alerted in real time of your customers’ events and adapt your strategy proactively, without unpleasant surprises.
Be the first to know if a company has an increasing level of risk.
Notifications allow you to make faster and more targeted decisions.

  • Mitigate risk and manage credit policy changes with alert profiles
  • Monitor the financial health of your customers and protect your business
  • Receive notifications via email, dashboards and reports that inform you as soon as a company begins to exhibit a higher level of risk

Do you want to know more about D&B Credit?

Contact us for more information or a demo. We are happy to help you.

View country analysis reports

Dun & Bradstreet’s country analyst teams (D&B Country Insight Services) provide you with expert information, insight and recommendations to help you identify the opportunities and risks associated with international transactions.

  • Download a country overview or a full report in a few clicks
  • Evaluate information on 132 countries available
  • Use the country risk indicator to make a comparative assessment, (DB1 to DB7, where 7 represents the highest risk)
  • Make confident decisions with the AAA system, the best known rating model on the market

Powerful segmentation of your portfolio

Analyze overall risk and identify growth opportunities in your third-party portfolio with advanced segmentation and a flexible tagging system. Your team will be able to find the right information quickly.

  • Easily add clients to your portfolio and organize them by specific characteristics
  • Generate an unlimited number of tags to create your segments
  • View portfolio trends in your dashboards
  • Easily spot payment trends and identify companies with late or delinquent payments
  • Integrate your own data to create a unified view of your portfolio

Monitor social networks and news

Companies often cultivate an active presence in the media or on social networks. D&B Credit offers additional information such as number of tweets, company news alerts and management changes.

  • Real-time integration of web feeds and social networks into reports
  • The chronology of events provides an overview of the main developments and events affecting the company
  • Identify relevant articles about this company, collected using advanced search algorithms
  • Check social media activity in the “top tweets” section of companies

Insert our data and analysis flows into your applications

Our D&B Direct+ for Credit provides the information you need for all your business transactions. It delivers risk and financial data to your applications where you need it.

  • Access all relevant information in your ERP and accounting applications
  • Improve cash flow by reducing risk
  • Synchronize the flow of information across all your financial systems
  • Automate and accelerate decision making to manage risk, receivables and collection priorities

D&B Credit is here to help you

With the proven effectiveness of our D&B Credit solution, boost your growth without taking on additional risk or compromising on quality.

Export options

View reports according to your own criteria, moving from essential summary information to comprehensive information in an intuitive manner.

  • Save snapshots to view a previous state again
  • Choose the information you want to export
  • Easily export your reports in PDF or Excel format

A solution adapted to your needs

D&B Credit offers a depth of information tailored to your needs.

  • Full access to 500 million companies worldwide
  • Proprietary scores and powerful predictive indicators to help you understand potential risk and global opportunities
  • An easy-to-use intuitive cloud interface